Friday, May 4, 2007

Chomp Activity #2-Quiz!

There is Internet that has plenty of temptation plagiarists. Which resource can be cloud into judgment and may lead to misuse and abuse information. Such as writing essay also some other services to millions of web page. One of the students had been justify cheating said one the lecture form education Stanford University, including the author. More situations are pronounced to the honor student. They had what it takes when it comes to grade. They believe parents are less upset to figure it out if they had cheated would help them finishes what needs to be done even though it is bad to do. Also, one of the schools called Evanston township high school close in Chicago. The students had received a copy from the school’s plagiarism policy from the beginning of the school year. This situation made lead the student to fail with an f, for the semester by coping the whole paper. If its just a part of the portion, still they will get an f for the quarter, replied one of the English department seriously school teacher are train to use internet plagiarism to detection services such using the website, which it helps scan paper that are similar to the passage online.

#4 chomp paraphrasing

Raids mark a gain in war on gangs
by Daniel B. Wode(Staff writer of the Christian Science Monitor)

There are 5 percent of gang may be hardened criminals who are dealing with drugs, prositution, gun-running and human smuggling. Government want the public to know there is a crisis before continuing to get funding and support. Most guys who are kids are just clueless about what the larger criminals element would be up to.

#3 chomp paraphrase

Gang and Gangsterism
by:Siddiq Buckley

Gangs had started in the earliest time till one form to another. There are only a minimun of gang that aren't bad, not all of them. Gangs used to construct a railwaylines and "Guardian Angels' gang in New Yourk function to help reduce crime at Big apples subway. Gangs were not all that bad but Gangsterism actually is. People nowadays need to realize the gangs basic charareristic beyond their concept without judging them because of the way they are or act.

#2 chomp paraphrase

Negotating gang peace
by:Anthony A. Braga and Jeffrey L.brown

Often Gangmemeber realize themselves from being connect to in on going cycles as violent retaliation wiht rival grouops. They often generates through young men events such as having disrespectful treatment,dating diputes, adn loss of personal property. They usually ultimately uses weapon item that involves with guns. In 2006 more than half fo bostons gun kill eachother by homicides with gain involving-related to blackwell, chiara leving who live in Bowdoin street including Geneva Avenue near Dorchestor under the score continuing to carnage started to generated boston's gang.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

#1 chomp paraprahase

Imprisoning America's Young Criminials Won't Build Safe Communitites
By:Jason Ziendenberg(HRT)

Today the communities had suffered high rates of crime. The gang should be somewhere safe and taken to a healthy neighborhoods or communities. While targeting or searching youths gang would not be a good idea to solve a real life situation to as creating a social instability. Anyways dumping information resource may increase the a policies that will harm the youth including the communities

Thursday, April 26, 2007


“Imprisoning America’s Young Criminals won’t build safe communities”

Author: Jason Ziedenberg(KRT)
KRT NEWS SERVICE april11,2005 n.p.

The author research shows that young people who were prosecuted adults, more likely commit great number crimes upon release youth who go to juvenile justice system. But as when analysis circumstance in which homicide occur shows four times as many people who were killed in relating to an “argument” killed relating “gang,” less than 10% homicides in which circumstance known a “gang” related. As I cited this like the other articles I suspect this talks more about prosecution, homicide, and circumstance. I think this might work with my bibliography topic.

Annotation #7

Raids Mark a Gain War on Gangs

Author: Daniel b. Wood (Staff writer of the Christian science monitor)

The author researcher in Los Angeles using the operation community shield saying that the scene likely repeated itself more and more in coming years by video taped “per walk” of the gang members seized, not by local police, but by the recently formed U.S Department of homeland security. The audience is trying to say they have a stationed that coordinates resource and infrastructure in tracking what they do in their countries of origin. During my cited with other articles I think this does have a lot of explanation to tell but I’m quite sure if this is what I would really like. I think this might work for my bibliography topic.

Annotation #6

"The World; Salvadoran gangs push violence to record level; The fueled fury resembles war but lacks clarity as to who is on what side, or why so many are being killed"

Author: Hector Tobar
Los Angeles Times, Calif: April 1,2007

The author is trying to tell us about the Salvadoran gangs. That consonant is the stage for a violent drama that looks like war but lacks clarity as to who is on what side, and questioning why so many are being killed. The audience is trying to tell us about how Salvadoran gangs which is the stage for violent drama. Even though I compare this or cited this its not going to be worth it since it’s just talking about religious unknown beck ground that I don’t really get or how it does not amuse me at all or I’m just not interested.

Annotation #5

Families Relocate Gang members to save them

Author: Keven Johnson (USA TODAY)
USA Today
Sept 6,2006 n.p.

The authors research the gang members that the families relocate gang members to save them. I think it is telling us the being in a gang member can sometimes make person feel like they don’t want to be in there no more while they suffer. This is different then the ones I have read through which talks about gangs issue. I think this will be best to be my bibliography topic because it tells how the gang person wants to quit and move as far as they can.

Annotation #4

The most dangerous Gang in American

Author: Arian Campo-Flores
Newsweek—March 28,2005

The author had research was the most Dangerous gang in America. I think they are trying to reveal or tell us ho are now the dangerous gang and a little bit of warning. The other ones I have cited were about gang stuff like gangs wanting peace. This illustrates my bibliography topic by helping myself by figuring out the ways why the gang wanted peace now and why they stop doing it.

Annotation #3

Negotiating gang peace

Author: Anthony A. Braga, Jeffrey L. Brown.
Boston Globe. Boston, Mass. March 31,2007

The author is trying to say that the gang member caught up in the cycles of retaliatory violence and want peace. Many gang youths do not want to die, but doesn’t want to see their people such as friends, and family get killed, and don’t want to face criminal justice consequences that come from a participating in violent crimes. Not all the gang is willing to resolve standing conflicts with their rivals. Their suggesting is that gang truce can be important element of a multi-layered effort to deal with complex gang violence problem. While I cited this article comparing each one of them this would likely help me with my bibliography topic because of the details of gang wanting peace.

Annotation #2

"New Wave of Gang Violence worrries Cities"

Author: Laura Bauer
Kansas city star(Kansas City,MO) April.12.2007
@2007, McClatchy-Tribune Information Serves

The author research that the lawmaker at least 13 states want new legislation to improve gang laws and slap members with better prison sentences. They say it was time to stop the gangs as they resurface in small and rural communities as well as big cities. The author thinks that its passing back around again. They hope the country learned from the history that they suffered. The new wave of the gang is different then decade ago as they research they think that its “gang” with an asterisk by word. They think it’s different how the image that pop up, which is not like you see in K.C.” They also are trying to address the residential burglaries and while it was being addressed, the other (crime associated with gangs) that are coming. The police are discussing and wasn’t the community to get involved by help solve the gang problems or issues. When I cited this paper comparing the others I thought it was incredible. This will illustrate my topic because it helps give me a little more details about the new system of the gang.

Annotation #1

Brand;Gang in juntions help reduce crime, but they are also unfair to those mistakenly included in them

Author: is the staff of Los Angeles.
"Los Angeles time,los Angeles, California: April.11,2007

The author research the announced a policy of giving the immigration officials the names of thoese convicted of violating gang injuctions. Steve Cooley is weighing a plan to foward the names of even suspect to violaters to the feds for possible deportation. The moves underline the importance of making deportation. The moves underline the imprtance of making sure the injunctions are enforced fairly. There are the data based computerized list of people considered to be gang memeber based on several factors,such as tatoos, style of dress, assoication and identification by the informant. Besides the burden of proof, when it come to cleaning one's name, it will lie with the suspect gang member, not the city. Perhaps it was not likely to change. But the list of resident would be fair to find out why. With the information they can make a least a case for innocene.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Spring Break
During my Spring break, i went to Maplewood Mall and Rosedale Mall. I Talked on the phone with my boyfriend. My mom and I includingmy little sister, we went to frogtown its over at University St.paul. We went there to rent hmong movies or should i say asianmovies. Including my Dad an the rest of my brother also went to Blockbluster to rent some new movies. Besides my springbreak just to say it was Okay but not all that great since it was somehow boring.