Thursday, April 26, 2007

Annotation #2

"New Wave of Gang Violence worrries Cities"

Author: Laura Bauer
Kansas city star(Kansas City,MO) April.12.2007
@2007, McClatchy-Tribune Information Serves

The author research that the lawmaker at least 13 states want new legislation to improve gang laws and slap members with better prison sentences. They say it was time to stop the gangs as they resurface in small and rural communities as well as big cities. The author thinks that its passing back around again. They hope the country learned from the history that they suffered. The new wave of the gang is different then decade ago as they research they think that its “gang” with an asterisk by word. They think it’s different how the image that pop up, which is not like you see in K.C.” They also are trying to address the residential burglaries and while it was being addressed, the other (crime associated with gangs) that are coming. The police are discussing and wasn’t the community to get involved by help solve the gang problems or issues. When I cited this paper comparing the others I thought it was incredible. This will illustrate my topic because it helps give me a little more details about the new system of the gang.

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