Thursday, April 26, 2007

Annotation #1

Brand;Gang in juntions help reduce crime, but they are also unfair to those mistakenly included in them

Author: is the staff of Los Angeles.
"Los Angeles time,los Angeles, California: April.11,2007

The author research the announced a policy of giving the immigration officials the names of thoese convicted of violating gang injuctions. Steve Cooley is weighing a plan to foward the names of even suspect to violaters to the feds for possible deportation. The moves underline the importance of making deportation. The moves underline the imprtance of making sure the injunctions are enforced fairly. There are the data based computerized list of people considered to be gang memeber based on several factors,such as tatoos, style of dress, assoication and identification by the informant. Besides the burden of proof, when it come to cleaning one's name, it will lie with the suspect gang member, not the city. Perhaps it was not likely to change. But the list of resident would be fair to find out why. With the information they can make a least a case for innocene.

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