Friday, May 4, 2007

Chomp Activity #2-Quiz!

There is Internet that has plenty of temptation plagiarists. Which resource can be cloud into judgment and may lead to misuse and abuse information. Such as writing essay also some other services to millions of web page. One of the students had been justify cheating said one the lecture form education Stanford University, including the author. More situations are pronounced to the honor student. They had what it takes when it comes to grade. They believe parents are less upset to figure it out if they had cheated would help them finishes what needs to be done even though it is bad to do. Also, one of the schools called Evanston township high school close in Chicago. The students had received a copy from the school’s plagiarism policy from the beginning of the school year. This situation made lead the student to fail with an f, for the semester by coping the whole paper. If its just a part of the portion, still they will get an f for the quarter, replied one of the English department seriously school teacher are train to use internet plagiarism to detection services such using the website, which it helps scan paper that are similar to the passage online.

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